FF7 Keikoku

* Warning: possible spoilers ahead !

This website aims to present the similarities between Final Fantasy VII's opening cinematic and Jacques Demy's latest fantasy movie "Parking" (1985).

" Biggs, come see this! "

" What do you have!? "

" Something is going on up there. A big volume of data is streaming on Shinra's network.
Seems like they're chasing someone! "

" Hell! Are they aware of us?
Barret and Cloud are not out yet,
I hope they're doing well... "

" It's not about us, listen to this:"

...to all legions.. The Ancient has entered...

" Ahah! Afraid of some old pal,
Shinra loosers... "

" Look! I have a visual now!
They're broadcasting this to all soldiers. "

" What! An innocent lady?!
This guy are nuts. "

" I wonder if... This place is just... "

" Well, stop guessing for now,

Do you think this movie scene inspired the Final Fantasy VII opening cinematic ?

List of similarities :
  • The actress entering the scene from "somewhere" and advancing towards the camera.
  • The way she walks.
  • The way she turns her head slightly to the right and to the left
  • Her right forearm angled towards her chest. (even if there's no flower basket)
  • Her long skirt.
  • The red ribbon on her left arm. (Biggs's, Wedge's, Jessie's + Advent Children reference)
  • The back tracking shot that reveals the scene and the crowd.
  • The decor that evokes a rather sad, dirty and dark underground urban universe.
  • The extras who seem disembodied and who each walk in a different direction, the Punk aspect of two.
  • The facade of a theatre in the background:
    - the sign of a cinema (KHNO = cinema in russian), in this movie.
    - brass poles with cord in red velvet typical of the halls of old cinemas, in FFVII's cinematic.
  • The musical theme that has similarities (dragging pattern and descending violin).
  • The "Blade Runner" feel.

The meaning of the scene :

The movie is a modern adaptation of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.
This scene follows the death of the girl and presents her entry in the HADES Realm.

In the myth Orpheus was a popular poet and lyre player, the name Cetra translates to lyre in latin.

Musical themes comparison:

Easter Egg !

Is there a reference to this movie (and/or to Hades) in game ?
Have a look at this scene where Cloud and Aerith meet at the start of the game.
Isn't there a kind of giant DVD sleeve in the middle ?
What can you read in capital red letters ?


Is Midgar Hell ?
Is this place a gate like in the movie ?
If so... did Aerith enters Midgar from this green light in the alley ?
Is she the innocent flower lady that she seems to be ?

Advanced theory developed